Jadunath Sarkar (1870-1958)

Sir Jadunath Sarkar (1870-1958) was a world-famous historian. In 1923, he became an honorary member of the Royal Asiatic Society of London. In August 1926, he was appointed as the Vice Chancellor of Calcutta University (in India, today Calcutta is called Kolkata). In 1928, he joined as Sir W. Meyer Lecturer in Madras University (in India, today Madras is called Chennai). Sarkar was honored by Britain with a Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire CIE and knighted in the 1929 Birthday Honours list. He was invested with his knighthood at Shimla by the acting Viceroy, Lord Goschen, on 22 August 1929. He wrote at least 16 books on history which are held in high esteem. His expertise was medieval Indian history, which contains the period of Islamic rule. His expertise on the Islamic period also made him realize the truth of Islam.

   This world-famous historian wrote :

Polytheism is sin : “Therefore, the toleration of any sect out side the fold of orthodox Islam is no better than compounding with sin. And the worst form of sin is polytheism, the belief that the one true God has partners in the form of other deities. Such a belief is the rankest ingratitude (kafir) to him who gives as our life and daily bread.”

Meaning of Jihad is “to exert in the Path of God”: “Islamic theology, therefore, tells the true believer that his highest duly is to make exertion (jihad) in the path of God by waging war against infidel lands (dar-ul-harb) till they become a part of the realm of Islam (dar-ul-Islam). After conquest, the entire infidel population becomes theoretically reduced to the status of slaves of the conquering army (Muslims). The men taken with arms are to be slain or sold into slavery and their wives and children induced to servitude. As for the non-combatants among the vanquished, they are not massacred out right, as the Canon lawyer Shafi declared to the Quranic injunction, it is only to give them a respite till they are so wisely guided as to accept the true faith.” (The History of Aurangazeb Vol. 3, pp. 163-164 by Sir Jadunath Sarkar; published by Orient Longman 1972)

Murder of non-Muslims is a merit : “The murder of infidels (even if they are innocent) is counted a merit in a Muslim. It is not necessary that he (Muslim) should have his own passion or mortify his flesh, it is not necessary for him to grow a rich growth of spirituality. He has only to slay a certain class of his fellow-beings (non-Muslims) or plunder their lands and wealth and this act is itself would raise his (Muslim’s) soul to Heaven. A religion where followers are taught to regard robbery and murder as a religious duty, is incompatible with the progress of manking or with the peace of the world.” (ibid., pp. 161-169)

No peace between Mohammadan king and neighbouring of infidel states : “According to the Quranic law, there can not be peace between a Mohammedan king and his neighbouring infidel states. The latter are Dar-ul-Harb or legitimate stated for war, and it is the Muslim king’s duty to slay and plunder them (non-Muslims) till they accept the true faith (Islam) and become Dar-ul-Islam. (Land of Muslims alone), after which they will become entitled to his (Muslim king’s) protection.” (Shivaji and His times, pages 479-480, by Sir Jadunath Sarkar; published by Orient Longman.)