Answering claims that Islam is true

Miracles of the Quran or Islamic hoaxes?

1- The Miracle of Iron

2- Victory of the Romans and the lowest point on earth

3-The Quran on seas and rivers

4-The Quran on Human Embryonic Development

Here is the Islamic claim

And here is the reality and this

And also, this presentation by William Campbell. Another Islamic hoax.

5- The Quran on mountains

Here is the Islamic claim

And here is the reality Islamic hoax.

6-Speed of Light in the Quran?

7-The Quran on Cerebrum

8-The Quran on deep seas and internal waves

9-The Quran on expanding universe and Big Bang

10- 7 layers of the Atmosphere

11- 7 layers of the Earth

12- The Miracle of 19

13- Splitting of the Moon

14- Bees

15- Iram

16- Seas not mixing 

17- Darkness in the Seas 

What all this shows is that since there is no evidence at all that Islam is true, not a single sentence in the Quran which could not have been said by 7th century Arabs, and every single sentence in the Quran can be explained from Muhammad’s own socio-cultural background, Muslims resort to such tricks. These claims are actually Islamic hoaxes, and not miracles of the Quran. And none of the so-called ‘miracles’ [which are actually hoaxes, and some of them are actually mistakes] are in clear language. If Allah knew that the Dead Sea is the lowest point, why didn’t he simply say so- “Dead Sea is the lowest Point”? Simple and clear! But nothing like this is said in simple and clear language in the Quran.

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   Why should there be a need to explain these ‘miracles’ in a ‘clear book’ like the Quran? The best answer to show that the Quran must not be interpreted in any other way than its obvious meaning comes from the Quran itself. The Quran repeatedly claims to be a “clear book” (5:15) “easy to understand” (44:58 , 54:22 , 54:32, 54:40) “explained in detail” (6:114), “conveyed clearly”, (5:16, 10:15) and with “no doubt” in it (2:1). And not a single of the ‘miracles’ aka hoaxes is in clear language.

    It should also be remembered that when real scholars debate real scholars, they do not bring forward any of the above amateurish claims. For example, two real scholars (not showmen like Zakir Naik) of Pakistan, Javed Ahmed Ghamidi and Khaled Zaheer debated with Ali Sina of In that wonderful debate, all arguments and counter-arguments are excellent and worth reading. But when Ali Sina asked for evidence that Muhammad was a Prophet of God, neither of the great debators could provide any. If these ‘Miracles of the Quran’ aka hoaxes were truly miracles, these real scholars would have definitely brought them as evidence in support of the claim that Islam is true. That great and lengthy debate can be read here.

For a full list of ‘Miracles of the Quran’ aka Islamic hoaxes, this link is very useful. Also it is very useful to see the following exposure of almost all claims of “Miracles in the Quran” in this link:

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An important 46-paged book on ‘Corruption and distortion in the Quran’ by Amar Khan is also available. It is available on but since that website is banned in many countries like India, it is necessary to preserve it elsewhere, like here .

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