Prof. Narhar Kurundkar

Prof. Narhar Kurundkar, another noted thinker and a socialist with the Seva Dal had the additional advantage of proficiency in Urdu. In his writings in Marathi, he has reiterated the points made earlier and has added a few of his own. He explains some of the Islamic concepts.

“Islam means Peace, But this religion has no relation to peace. It categorises humanity as (1) Muslims (2) Jews and Christians (3) Fire worshippers (4) Idol worshippers. Jews and Christians can live in a Muslim country by paying Jiziya. But this option is not available to fire and idol worshippers. They have only two alternatives – become Muslims or perish. But Abu Hanifa granted a concession to idol worshippers – to pay Jiziya. Other traditions do not grant this concession. Hence the clergy in India was very unhappy about it and termed it as a danger to Islamic rule. This tax was imposed by Muhammad bin Kasim in Sind in 712 AD and it continued until Akbar finally abolished it.

Hindus describe God as being just, Muslims define justice as what Allah says and does. Hence justice is to faithfully follow the precepts of Quran and injustice is not embracing Islam. Death with stoning is the punishment for irtakam (altering Allah’s commands), irtadad (questioning Allah’s commands), jindik (altering the meaning of Allah’s commands) and basshd (renouncing Islam). The more disturbing concepts are hijr (immigrating from a non-Muslim country) and sabar (deceitful compromises). The latter enable Muslims to enter into agreements, promises, treaties etc. with non-Muslim states with the intention of sabotaging them at the opportune time. And hence public speeches, compromises and such actions although apparently anti-Islam are not a crime.”

Sri Kurundkar gives an example of the attitude of the ‘nationalist Muslims’ by quoting Maulana Husain Ahmad Madani who has termed the Indian constitution a ‘mauhida’ i.e. a treaty of non-interference between the Hindu and Muslim nations. He has said that the Muslim problem is not basically a problem of minorities but has arisen due to the concept that only Islam is the true and only religion and that other religions have no right to exist.


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