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Islamists come up with some real doozies sometimes, including the claim that modern Science proves the Quran correct in asserting the earth is made of 7 layers.

“Allah is He Who Created seven firmaments and of the earth a similar number. Through the midst of them (all) descends His command: that ye may know that Allah has power over all things, and that Allah comprehends all things In (His) Knowledge. (The Noble Quran, 65:12)”

According to Noble Verse 65:12 above, Allah Almighty created 7 Heavens for form the universe. The new scientific discovery had revealed to us that the earth that we currently live on today is also formed from seven layers. The very bottom layer contains most of the uranium and potonium (“sic”) and all the materials that we need to create nuclear weapons and energy. Noble Verse 65:12 above does indeed say that the earth was created with seven layers.

The Seven “Earths” refer to the layers that literally make up the Earth
1. crust
2. lithosphere
3. upper mantle
4. astenoshpere (“sic”)
5. lower mantle
6. outer core
7. inner core

OR they could refer to the “7 Continents” (in the context that “al-ard” means ground)
1. North America
2. South America
3. Australia
4. Asia
5. Africa
6. Antarctica
7. Europe

Note how the dishonest Islamist had tried to hedge his bets. It is now either seven layers or seven continents. The writer of the rebuttal suggest the former explanation is correct as all translations he has read have read refer to earth and not ground. Nevertheless, although the number of continents is traditionally considered 7, some geographers and scientists think there are only 6 as Europe and Asia are technically a single land mass (i.e. Eurasia) and on the same tectonic plate. (Ref)

Therefore, he suggests the traditional number of 7 continents is more a cultural bias than an actual geographical/geological fact.

There are Islamists who claim that Allah created 7 earths – but we only know of 1, our own, but no doubt future science will reveal the remaining 6. (Ref)

If I’m not mistaken, this is another of the absurd pseudo-scientific claims of the champion of Quranic Pseudo Science, Maurice Bucaille.

Some evidence of the Quranic 7 earths creation is also given in this link.


This article seeks to show the error of the Islamist claim that verse 65:12 shows the earth composed of 7 layers. I note the same dishonest approach taken to assign 7 layers of the atmosphere – i.e. the DOUBLE COUNTING OF LAYERS.

The general scientific view is that the earth is composed of 4 or 5 major layers depending on whether one splits the mantle or not.




5 layers

1. crust
2. upper mantle
3. lower mantle
4. outer core
5. inner core


There are two ways to classify the composition of the geosphere – chemically, into crust, mantle, and core, or functionally, in the case of the outer layers (crust and mantle) into lithosphere and asthenosphere.

From the evidence above, one can see the Islamists’ deceit because they double-count the lithosphere/asthenosphere while they also count the crust and upper mantle. Note that this is dishonest because these are alternative classifications. One cannot honestly count all lithosphere, asthenosphere, crust, and upper mantle together as one would be recounting the same rocks.

Recently new scientific hypotheses proposed by J. Marvin Herndon and Prof Xiaodong Song suggest the inner core may be further subdivided into four layers; the inner core, the innermost core, a sub-shell of fission material and decay products, and a subcore of uranium and plutonium forming the georeactor. If this new theory is accepted the number of layers

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of the earth rises to eight.


The scientific evidence do not support the Islamists’ claim that the Quranic verse 65:12 foretold the scientific accuracy of the 7 layers of the earth when modern geology states that there are only 4 or 5 layers, or up to eight if the new hypotheses of the subcore georeactor are accepted.



Deep-Earth reactor: Nuclear fission, helium, and the geomagnetic field
D. F. Hollenbach*, and J. M. Herndon PNAS 2001 vol. 98 no. 20 pp 11085-11090



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